My parents are laying down 2,200 sq. ft of new hard wood floors in their house, which is more than half their house. That’s a big project! So this weekend Sam and I helped them rip up the carpet and old wide plank pine floors currently in their home. My parents built the house in 1989 and twenty plus years later they are still making upgrades and design changes! It reminds me to be patient with all the future project ideas we have for our house.

Sam and I will be benefitting from their current project because we plan to refinish and reuse the pine floors from their remodel. The first floor of our house has two bedrooms, and we plan to demo the dividing wall and create a large master bedroom with an on suite bathroom. Before you say it, yes I know it’s pine and it’s a soft wood, but we’re thinking the bedroom is a low traffic area. Lots of area rugs and they will be perfect. We’re planning to use a darker stain and old-fashion cut nails to hold them down. Blog post to follow in the spring when we start knocking down walls and ripping up our floors!

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House Proud

So, we bought a house, and well, that was 6 months ago! Time flies, and unfortunately so does the money out of our wallets, but we’re living the good old American dream.

Our house was unlivable when we found it. Three years without people can put some wear and tear on a place – not to mention the other surprises we had to deal with in the eleven months it took to close. The previous owner let the pipes freeze, so last February we paid about a thousand bucks to test and fix the cracked pipes. Then a month before we were given the OK to close we discovered the house had been vandalized – the thieves confiscated all the copper piping and even some electrical wiring. Who would have thought the wires in your walls have copper in them and can be cashed in for money?

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John Deere

click to enlarge We still haven’t closed on our house yet but we’re getting closer. Tomorrow marks the first day of summer and the grass has yet to see a lawn mower this spring, so Sam made sure he will be prepared for the jungle when we do close on the house. Of course he had to buy the biggest tractor he could find to mow the three acres we will have. It’s a John Deere and it came with a bunch of different attachments for mowing and plowing. That’s about all I know and it’s green and very big.
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