Honeymoon – Part II

The first week of our honeymoon was spent in Venice, Italy and when it came time to say “arrivederci” it was extremely difficult to leave! I’m pretty sure this city has some mystical magical powers….and it’s a little bit of heaven on earth.

Our next stop was Florence, a complete change of pace from the slow moving Venice. I think there was a moment when Sam and I looked at each other and we both thought…lets turn around and go back to Venice! But after a few days we found Florence to be a special place too. The city is a walking city and walk it we did… it also sits smack in the middle of the Tuscan mountains, which is an amazing site to be seen.
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Honeymoon – Part I

After an amazing few days of celebrating our marriage with family and friends the Sam and Melissa party and a year of planning our nuptials came to quick end. It was bitter sweet because I had a lot of fun planning our wedding, but it was more stress than a girl can handle.

So a few weeks later Sam and I celebrated together in Italy. Our first stop was Venice, the city on the lagoon. We both thought the city was an incredible place especially if you can escape the fast paced tourist who jump off the cruise ship for five hours to say they “saw Venice.” The truth is “Venice” wasn’t in St. Mark’s Square, and we didn’t find it in the Basilica. For us Venice was best found hidden down a canal that seemed like it was leading somewhere but ended up to be a dead end or an empty palazzo.

Most evenings it was our mission to find the darkest alley that housed a restaurant where a tourist wouldn’t dare venture down. We enjoyed some of the most amazing meals with this method, and we also enjoyed getting lost this way. Well worth the agony of trying to find our way home though.
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20120308-145425.jpg Sam and I would love to go to Italy for our honeymoon. We are about 5-6 months out from our wedding and we still haven’t booked our plane tickets. At this stage in the game, I think we are supposed to be farther along in the honeymoon planning process. A big part of our procrastination is obviously money! For example, we received our THIRD oil bill this winter for yet another $1,000 and every time we set money aside something else comes up! (Apparently our attic is not insulted – like at all, so all of our heat is being sucked into the attic. Guess we need to buy insulation before next winter!)

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