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ms-engagement-068My name is Melissa, and I live in Upstate, New York with my husband, Sam, and our dog, Leo.  A few years ago we bought an old dilapidated farmhouse, and our renovations have become a labor of love.

Join me on my adventures with homeownership, DIYing, and life.

A few things about me: I love to repurpose old, unwanted things into something beautiful and cool. I want to travel the world and experience new culture. My current hobbies are reading blogs; making jewelry; gardening; fixing up an old house; and drinking red wine.



3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello, I just so happen to click on a few pics from Carriacou. This is incredible! I live in Albany, but I was born in Carriacou, and like you I also went to UAlbany. I am so happy you have such warm affection for our little gem.

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