Meet Sam

Sam and I started dating on August 21, 2005. Our first date was at Justin’s on Lark. We shared a bottle of wine on their patio. I was a few months shy of 21, but let’s keep that our little secret.

Flash forward to August 23, 2011 we bought our first house, and Sam proposed the same day at our new home. It was very romantic – he had snuck a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator and had a 1800’s vintage ring box in his pocket during our closing. A year later we were married on August 24, 2012!

We like to keep important dates to one week a year, ya’know so we don’t forget them.

Sam is a residential real estate agent for TL Metzger Associates, which is small company based in Albany, NY. He loves to cook and his other hobbies include collecting watches and reading up on cool cars; and being my handy man.

He’s my love and best friend. XoXo

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