Knotty Pine Update

After one day of prepping, three days of painting, and another day of cleanup, I am happy to report that the last room in our house has been painted! That means in the last three years, we have officially painted every room in our house for a grand total of 14 rooms!





You can read more about our process of painting the knotty pine: here.  For the built-ins I painted the back panelling, Saratoga Springs by Benjamin Moore. I displayed my sea glass, shells, and coral treasures that we found in the Caribbean and Panama, so there is a beach theme. I also displayed our vintage camera collection, which were always on these shelves, but they kind of pop now with the blue backsplash. We hung a white honey comb shade on the window (I took the picture before it was up).

Things I still want to add to the room:  We still need some wall art, and I’m thinking of painting the ceiling a fun bright color to spice up the room more. I proposed a pale yellow to Sam, but he gave me the “What are you thinking” look, so I guess that’s out. The bottom shelf needs to be fixed, but that is Sam’s department.  I also ordered a few more baskets from Joanne fabric (50% holiday sale!) to go on the bottom shelves.  I purchased two old shutters I found at an antique store each for $5, but they need quite a bit of attention. They both have a blue-green faded paint that needs to be scraped, and I probably should check for lead paint. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with them yet.  I would love also to get rid of that unsightly dog crate, but our little man, Leo, is still a chewing machine when we leave him unattended. Since this room is an office, I plan on buying a two drawer filing cabinet and sprucing it up with paint and a few other DIY details I found on Pinterest, like this and maybe adding rope drawer pulls.

Painting this room might be the cheapest room maker we’ve done in our house with the biggest transformation.

Just for good measure, here is the before:



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