Paint for days…

This year we have no major vacations planned, so with several days of Paid Time Off left I decided to take a week off for a little staycation. On my to do this: Paint our knotty pine office.

This will most definitely require a week off from work because we’re talking a lot of wood and a ton of paint.

Day 1: Prepping

  1. Sam and I piled all the furniture in our small living room and temporarily relocated the office computer.
  2. We removed the door and hardware, as well as the wall plates and light switch covers.
  3. Once the room was cleaned out, we applied water and Trisodium phosphate (TSP) with a sponge to clean the wood. The finish starts to drip and makes a huge mess when you apply this mixture, so as I wipe the wall with the sponge I have to wipe the drips with a towel. Kind of like you are waxing a car: wax on, wax off. I did this step twice, the second time with a clean bucket of water and TSP.
  4. Then we spackled as many nail holes and imperfections as we could find.
  5. Finally, I’m a messy painter, and I despise drop cloths that are always bunching, so I decided to tape off the floor and roll out rosin paper.
  6. I also gathered all my tools (brushes, rollers, paint, paper towels, paint stirrer and can opener…). Everything was ready to go in the morning.

Day 2: Priming
We are using Kiltz Premuim Primer that has stain blocking built in, which is important to help cover the the knotty pine completely. Using a brush, I started with the the wood grooves between each panel, and also the base boards and trim. This took me ALL DAY. Well not all day, but about 5 hours. The wood finish is still seeping through the primer, so I’m gueesing we will need at least another coat of primer before we add our actual paint color, Swiss Coffee by Behr.  The room is a lot brighter already, but we have a way to go. I see no end in sight….

Before: standing in the Great Room, looking at the front door

Don’t mind that weird square to the right of the built-ins that is taped off with blue painters tape. That is a cut out covered with burlap to hide a speaker that use to sit in our hallway closet – all of which we inherited with this old house. A lovely picture will permanently find a home over the unsightly hole.



Before: looking into our Great Room

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