Our Second Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday, Sam and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Last year we went to Montreal, Quebec to celebrate one year of wedded bliss, and seeing as we couldn’t top our four-day food coma of French cuisine without any major planning, we decided to take it easy this year.

Our plan for this year was to hop in the car and drive 45 minuets to Great Barrington, MA. I originally wanted to go on a hike up Monument Mountain, but due some binge drinking and a domino game that lasted until 2 am the night before with some friends, the hike was out of the question.

While we were getting ready, we also had a nice surprise from Sam’s brother, David, saying that he welcomed his son into the world that very morning, Nathaniel Atwater Critton. We were ecstatic, and especially happy to share our special day with the little man.

With a major distraction like a baby being born, we didn’t arrive in Massachusetts until about 2:30. Our friends had suggested, Prairie Whale for dinner. We liked the menu so much, we enjoyed a late lunch and an early dinner at the same restaurant. Leo came along for the ride, and with a large front patio it was a prefect location to grab a bite to eat with a four legged friend. We were told the menu changes every day with a few staple items. I had a simple BLT with fried greens, and Sam ordered a beef heart with shishitto peppers and homemade salsa. We were on oppose ends of the spectrum with our food choices, as I played it safe with a BLT, while Sam ordered an organ he had never had before. I tried it and the taste was very metallic, yet Sam cleaned his plate. He said he was glad he tried, but wasn’t sure if he’d order it again. When we came back the second time, we shared 4 oysters, country liver pate, and friend chicken.

Across the street from the restaurant was an art venue called LABspace, a unique and unconventional space where artists can rent for whatever their artistic needs may be. On this particular day, there was a drummer who had apparently rented the space from 1pm-6pm. The whole block could hear him playing his drums, which were set up in the front window of the studio. We learned later that he was from Troy, NY, which makes us practically neighbors. The scene was entertaining to say the least. The man and his instrument even started to gather a little crowd. We weren’t sure if we loved it, or hated it.

After we had lunch, we ask the waitress if there was a nice area to go for a little walk, and she suggested the Housatonic River Walk. Its a brief walk along the river that is actually quite picturesque, perfect for two people who just gorged on some delicious food and planned to go back to seconds. We also did a little shopping and people watching, then called in a night.

The Beef Heart with salsa over easy egg
Sam’s beef heart dish with salsa and eggs over easy
People watching at Gypsy Joynt
People watching at Gypsy Joynt


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