Wild blackberry smoothie

Life would not be complete without healthy nutritious meals, and so, my blog is slowly transforming into a food blog. I’m sure once our free supply of hand picked produce runs out, I will be back to mini craft and home projects. For now, here is yet another foraged food post.

In our back yard, we have a huge wild blackberry patch. Usually the berries don’t make it inside because we consume them from the bush, but I had harvested a bunch of basil and cucumbers the other day and was able to squeeze some berries in my basket.

In the morning, I like to eat Greek yogurt for breakfast with fruit, nuts, or rolled oats. After a few days of black berries and yogurt this week, I was getting a little bored and my berries were starting to get a bit soggy. In my opinion, fruit that is really ripe make great smoothies, so I like to throw my normal ingredients in a blender and drink my breakfast on the go. This time however, I decided to make frozen yogurt for a dessert.

For our wedding, someone bought us a Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender. We actually have a Cuisinart food processor too, but this is great for mixing up sauces or a small smoothie without all the hassle. And for this neat freak, it’s super easy to clean! Basically, you throw all the ingredients in the mixer base; put on the top; attach the hand mixer; press the button; and you’re done.

Here is what my frozen yogurt consisted of:

1 cup of wild black berries
1 banana
a splash of half and half (or milk)
1/2 cup of vanilla bean Greek Yogurt



For our wedding, my little sister bought us the cutest LeCreuset pots for personal sized dishes, so I checked and they are freezer proof. I filled two of the pots with my banana-berry mixture and placed them in the freezer, and I will leave them overnight. Ladies and gentlemen, behold our dessert for tomorrow night!

P.S. Tomorrow marks 9 years, since Sam and I had our first date! XoXo



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