Stuff to this this weekend…

Renovating an old house, there are always projects, and the joke is when you own your home there are never ending projects. But I’m pretty sure with an old house, more projects accumulate and they can pile on quick…

Ahh, C’est la vie. This weekend is no different, except it’s crunch time because next Saturday we our hosting a family reunion in our backyard! [Eek!]

August 8th is my mormor’s 85th Birthday and my Aunt Judith’s 70th Birthday (she married my mormor’s brother), so that’s reason to celebrate in our family! There will be around 40+ people here! But they’re family right, so they won’t judge us by the fact that the paint on our garage is peeling, or our hanging flower plants on the porch are dead… right?

This weekend’s To Do List to prepare for the party:
Paint the garage
trim some tree limbs (not really party related)
Vacuum up all the dog hair floating around our house
mow the lawn
weed whack
polish the silverware (yes, we eat with silver from our paper plates)
make homemade tzatziki with cucumbers for the garden
purchase the beer and wine for the party
gather kindling for the fire pit
dust off some tables and chairs
put up our pop-up tent/make sure we have all the pieces
put together music playlist
discard Leo-landminds
decide where we want the rented tent/table and chairs to be set up
regular chores: dust and mop the house; clean the bathrooms; laundry

I’m forgetting a ton of stuff, but that is the gist of our busy, fun-filled weekend. We did manage to sneak in a game of dominos with some friends tonight, and I tried my first go at pickling cucumbers from our garden, which I will post later.

Now, I will leave you with a few backyard party photos from our rehearsal dinner, which will be two years ago this month!




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