Rocks and Fire

Summer nights are for bonfires at our house.  That’s what you do when you live in the country. We inherited a fire pit when we moved in, but it was small (maybe 2 feet wide) and built into a slope. The spot was right off our deck, so that was convenient. If there were more than four people it was crowded and if you had too many beers there was the issue of falling into the fire because your chair is tipped at a right angle.

As usual I do not have a before picture of our fire pit, except for this awesome shot when we were power washing the deck. Forewarning, our house was a dump when we bought it and the pit was burried by three years of weeds.

Behold the fire pit pre-fire days. You don’t see it? It’s under that big pile of weeds (see it behind the deck steps). You can see the rocks peaking out from the burr bushes.


I decided to move the fire pit and make it bigger! Last summer we went to a lobster-clam bake at the Chatham Bars Inn in Cape Cod, MA. They had the most amazing fire pit on the beach with white adirondack chairs flanking the pit. My whole family was there, and it was a pretty memorable night. The scene was picture perfect, so I used them as my inspiration.

Sam was working on my car and wasn’t able to help. I loaded up our John Deere tractor with the rocks from the old fire pit and drove them down to the bottom of our lawn. Since I wanted to make the pit bigger I had to gather more rocks from the creek. The rocks are more like small boulders and they are heavy. Once I loaded them up and dropped the rocks where I wanted them I had to carefully stack them, so they would stay in place. The whole thing took me all day! The next day my arms were on fire!

The new fire pit is about 4 feet wide and it’s awesome! Definitely worth the bruised legs, sore arms and back. Sam was worried we would have no music because the spot I picked is set back from the house. We tested our porch speakers this weekend, and luckily for Sam, loud music will not be an issue when we are roasting our marshmallows. Now all we need is a few more adirondack chairs and fire!





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