I have an obsession with I love everything about this site and the thought that a lot of people have never heard of it boggles my mind. This needs to be bigger than EBay and Amazon people! Not a day…or hour goes by where I am not taking a peek at what’s new. For me it’s a place to find cool one of a kind treasures from individual people and sellers.
We live in a country where just about everything is imported and stamped with the words “made in China.” A few years a go I attempted to challenge myself by not purchasing anything made in the mass produced world of China for a month. I didn’t last a week. Etsy is all things vintage and handmade and for me that means heaven. It’s a creative world filled with artists and out of the box thinkers. I LOVE that it supports the average Joes in this country, and I may be known to purchase some things from Sweden too (but Shhh don’t tell anyone)!
Anyone know how they got their name?

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