Kitchen finds

So I have this is sickeness – OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). If you want to leave out the fancy terminology and call me a neat freak – that works too. I think it’s in the genes because my dad has it as well.

Last summer when we were visiting Sam’s brother and his wife in Connecticut we stopped at a Scandinavian store in Mystic, CT that my mom use to take me to when I was little. We found these fabulous Swedish dish cloths! At seven bucks a pop we only bought one, but that is all you need because they are made of this all-natural cellulose and cotton material that never smells. They are are also very absorbent; can be machine washed; they never leave any streaks; and they are SWEDISH!

After our wedding we had this little party at our house and my awesome dish cloth had vanished by the end of the night. I was devastated and had to resort back to a regular kitchen dish cloth that smelled like a bacteria filled sponge. It was HORRIBLE! But come to find out the store in CT has an online store so I bought not one but THREE this time! Here are the ones I bought…aren’t they cute (Sam thinks I need help, but I am very excited about these!)

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